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$100,000.00 REQUEST
Trap Creme BOUNTY
WHALEBONE | | V | phone: txt 313-782-3330

The Trap Creme Interplanetary Ice Cream Social asks the question, "Can the internet bring ice cream to everyone...for free?"

This NFT represents a 1M ice cream scoop economy and can be redeemed for one scoop at any of our decentralized shops and mobile locations.

Our first locations are developing in and around Detroit. We currently own a warehouse for manufacturing, storage and distribution of ice cream. We also love espresso and have been sharing free lattes and our love for crypto while distributing Trianglescoin through a brick & mortar public faucet in Detroit since 2014.

(See odd.Bio/t.56 and odd.Bio/b.4)

Our locations will calculate profit dynamically per sale and once average daily profit is reached, Oh Yeah! mode will be activated where ALL scoops are free!

By purchasing CREME, anyone can help our future locations reach profitability. When Oh Yeah! mode is activated, anyone can trade their free scoop for an equivalent U$D or crypto value.

To follow this project's development or join our team, please follow our updates at the QR code above: odd.Bio/t.107

We will have both dairy and non-dairy options available.

This asset is designed as a stable token. If CREME value surpasses scoops, more scoops will be issued and holders will receive more CREME. 1 CREME = 1 scoop of ice cream or 1 12 oz latte.

Welcome to the Interplanetary Ice Cream Social!

#trapcreme #icecream #detroit

additional url: https://rarible.com/token/0xB66a603f4cFe17e3D27B87a8BfCaD319856518B8:112152777028312970779662828156720037185836480821222823797910115947743962726405